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A beautiful and elevated stonedeck with two chairs

Deck installation tutorial videos and downloadable guides

How to Install Tanzite STONEDECK?

Building a Tanzite STONEDECK is a very similar process to building other outdoor decks; however, there are a few differences.

On this page, you will find instructions for installing different types of Tanzite STONEDECKS.

Appalachian Collection

Rainier Collection

How to build

Rainier Collection Video Resources

Plywood Installation

Design your deck

Screw pile, by hand

Two children playing on their outdoor space made of stonedecks.

Outdoor Living Ideas

Tanzite StoneDecks comes in 2 unique collections

Customer Care

We are here to help!

Deck designer planning on what colors to choose for a decking project

Request Meeting with a Designer

Schedule a video call now and our deck designer will share their screen so you can see them build your project virtually. During the meeting they will answer any questions you may have, and visually show how your project will look when completed. At the end, they will send you an itemized materials quote which you can simply Click to Order!

A deck builder working on an outdoor space project

Schedule a Meeting with a Carpenter

To make sure your project goes smoothly we offer a free call with a carpenter who has built many Tanzite projects and can answer even the most technical questions you may have about yours. You can even make it a video call so that you can show the carpenter what you are working with.

Deck carpenter working on a stonedeck project.

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Ready to Get Started?

Explore the resources below and start your outdoor living project.

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Plan Out Your Project

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See and Feel Actual Tanzite Stones

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