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Outdoor space made of Tanzite stones near a big tree

Rainier Collection Video Resources

Framing & Sheeting

Tanzite STONEDECK is flexible so, many types of foundations can work well including concrete pads, concrete piles, and engineered screw piles.

Plywood Installation

Design your deck

Screw pile, by hand

Post & Beam Deck Structure (1/4)

Nailer (Ledger) Board, Deck Structure (2/4)

Joist hangers, Deck Structure (3/4)

Joist installation, Deck Structure (4/4)


EPDM roofing membrane is sold in almost any size to avoid seams. Just cut off extra material after installation.

Water Protection

Install Tanzite Stones

If you can build a wood deck, you can definitely build a Tanzite STONEDECK! Our flexible system doesn't require any glue. This means no mortar and no complicated installation steps.

Tanzite Stone Installation

Tanzite Perimeter Edge Stone Installation

Railings & Accessories

Mounting railing for stairs with Tanzite tiles may be challenging, but we created this video to help you out!

Stair construction

Deck Railing Install

Hardie Board Deck 

Stair Railing Installation


The polymeric sand is super simple to install and repair. Here are some quick demonstrations.

How To Install Self-Leveling Caulking On A Tanzite StoneDeck

​​Grout (Polysand) installation

How to repair the Polymeric Sand

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