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Two children playing on an outdoor space made of Tanzite stonedecks




Learn why these homeowners and builders chose a Tanzite STONEDECK

"I did it all by myself and was quite easy to install. People would walk by and stop to see the product (I told them about your site). Everyone has commented on how beautiful it looks now. So that is why I'm sending you these pictures and comments. Thanks again!"

A beautiful patio made of Tanzite stonedecks

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Tanzite STONEDECK Advantages 

  • Lifetime warranty*

  • Low Maintenance

  • Scratch-proof

  • Damage-free from shovels and salt

  • Fade free: it will look amazing in 20 years

  • Waterproof: mold or mildew will not damage it

  • Easy to clean: pressure washing won't damage it

  • Red wine stain proof

  • Melt-proof from BBQ grease

  • Stays cool in the sun

  • Covers any existing deck or concrete surface

  • Can add creative inlay designs, including curves

  • Easy to repair

A boy standing on a Tanzite stonedeck
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This is Tanzite, not wood.png
A beautiful deck made of Tanzite stones in sierra grey color

Compare Tanzite STONEDECKS

Tanzite STONEDECKS don’t scratch, stain, fade, get slippery, or heat up like other decking alternatives. See how it compares to common decking materials below.

Tanzite stonedeck surface and a wood deck surface

Tanzite STONEDECK vs. Wood Decking

A tanzite stonedeck surface and a composite deck surface

Tanzite STONEDECK vs. Composite Decking

A tanzite stonedeck surface and a vinyl deck surface

Tanzite STONEDECK vs. Vinyl Decking

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