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Upper view of a patio made of Tanzite stones

What is Tanzite? 


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A very nice patio made with Tanzite stones with a round table and chairs.

Stone Decking

Tanzite STONEDECKS are built on the same basic structure as any other deck. Perfect for decks, rooftop patios, stairs, and walkways.

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Build a new deck or cover an existing one.

Balconies & Rooftops

Keeps the area underneath dry.

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Stairs & Landings

Non-slip finish that works great, even when wet.

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Patios and Walkways

Build a great entertaining space.

Deck Design Gallery

Explore photos of Tanzite Decks to spark your creativity for your own project.

How Tanzite is made

Like man-made diamonds, Tanzite is a stone made using incredible heat and pressure. This process delivers a unique Tanzite stone without the flaws or the cost of natural stone.

Tanzite gives you the perfect stone, which is the perfect color, and will last in the harsh outdoors for a lifetime.