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Upper view of a house showcasing its deck made of Tanzite Stonedecks

Rainier Collection

Have you ever seen a 20 year old deck that still looks amazing? Rainier Collection gives you the opportunity to update and upgrade to a stone deck years after a traditional wood one has been built. There is no other decking system that offers this level of flexibility in phasing construction. TANZITE STONEDECK patios & walkways look amazing and lasts a lifetime!

Black Granite

Like the late-night sky, before the blackness sets in. Just enough that you can see the white stars speckled over the dark canvas.

Outdoor space in sorrounded by a garden, made of Tanzite Stonedeck Rainier collection in black granite color.
Rainier Collection in black granite color.
Upper view of a deck made with Tanzite Stonedecks Rainier collection in cinammon brown color.
Rainier Collection in cinammon brown color.

Cinnamon Brown

Like ancient Egyptian scrolls, this stone color has a wide variety of browns. It is perfect to create a natural rustic design.

Sierra Grey

Like the inspiring cliffs of a grey mountain, this stone has a weathered look layered over layers of greys.

Upper view of a house with two storey decks made of stonedecks Rainier collection in Sierra Gray color.
Rainier collection in sierra grey color.
Hallway deck made with Tanzite stonedecks Rainier Collection in Carrara Marble color.
Rainier collection in carrara marble color.

Carrara Marble

This stone absorbs less sunlight, making it a great choice to keep your deck cooler in the hot sun; yet the finish is not too reflective.


The intense and alluring tones highlight the natural grains in wood and creates the perfect color to compliment any outdoor space.

Outdoor space made with Tanzite stonedecks Rainier Collection in Walnut color.
Rainier collection in walnut color.
A Tanzite stonedeck outdoor space in White Oak color overlooking a very nice view of a river.
Rainier collection in white oak color.

White Oak

This soft color fits both modern and classic architectural design and provides a classic wood deck look with the strength of stone.

Aged Cedar

It boasts a true-to-nature vibrancy and realistic grain pattern that makes it a natural choice for any space.

A small entrance space and stairs made of stonedeck Rainier collection in aged cedar color.
Rainier collection in aged cedar  color.

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