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Become a Tanzite Contractor

Tanzite StoneDecks is looking to partner with quality deck builders who can show homeowners the benefits of building with stone!

Can't Scratch*

Chair & Animal Scratch Proof


Flexible & Lightweight

Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance Deck

Lifetime Warranty

Made for the harsh outdoors

Made for Canada

Won't get slippery & stays cooler

What is Tanzite?

Tanzite STONEDECKS is a Canadian-developed, patent-pending, stone tile decking product. Used to build and resurface decks, stairs, landings, balconies, rooftops, patios and walkways.

Like man-made diamonds, Tanzite is a stone made using incredible heat and pressure. This ensures you get a perfect stone, that is the perfect colour and will last in the harsh outdoors for a lifetime. 


It includes small pieces of actual Tanzite stone tiles in each color, a printed Idea Book, and shipping.

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