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Care & Cleaning

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Man cleaning a stonedeck with water using a water hose

Care & Cleaning

  • Tanzite STONEDECKS can be cleaned with soap & water.


  • For a deeper clean, use a heavy-duty granite and natural stone cleaner or the deck cleaner by Spray & Forget.

  • To clean grease such as BBQ grease, use a degreaser; even a heavy-duty engine degreaser is safe to use. 

  • To get rid of haze, use standard tile haze remover. 


  • To remove paint, use paint thinner.

Tanzite STONEDECKS can even be scrubbed with a wire brush without damaging your deck! Not too many companies can say that about their products.

Note: Tanzite STONEDECK's non-slip properties can take a bit more effort to clean. If you experience any issues cleaning your deck, please send us information and a picture to, and we will give you specific advice.

a round table and two chairs on a patio made of tanzite stones

Stone Makes the Best Deck

Compare Tanzite STONEDECK

Tanzite STONEDECKS don’t scratch, stain, fade, get slippery, or heat up like other decking alternatives. See how it compares to common decking materials below.

Tanzite stonedeck surface and a wood deck surface

Tanzite STONEDECK vs. Wood Decking

Tanzite stonedeck surface and a composite deck surface

Tanzite STONEDECK vs. Composite Decking

Tanzite stonedeck surface and a vinyl deck surface

Tanzite STONEDECK vs. Vinyl Decking

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