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Defy Deck Stain Reviews

We believe that the Defy Extreme Wood Stain is one of the water-based deck stains that offers the highest level of performance available on the market today. Zinc oxide nanoparticles serve a dual purpose by inhibiting the growth of mold and mildew as well as protecting against fading caused by ultraviolet light. Because it is water-based, the Defy Extreme stain is able to enter the wood grain to an exceptional degree. This results in a covering that does not film and is resistant to peeling and wear caused by foot activity. One of the brands that we rely on the most is Defy Extreme, which we utilize on around fifty or more deck repairs annually in the Midwestern United States.

As the most recent addition to the Defy Stain family, Defy Extreme Stain was first made available in the year 2008. The Defy Extreme Deck Stain is a water-based stain that penetrates deeply into the wood and leaves no film behind. The pores in the wood below the surface are "hardened" by the synthetic epoxy resins that are contained in Defy Extreme. When it comes to combating UV greying, one of the most effective stains on the market is called Defy Extreme. This product makes use of nanotechnology.


  • UV Protection

  • Water Repellant

Defy Extreme Clear Wood Stain


  • Natural Pine

  • Cedartone

  • Light Walnut

Defy Epoxy Fortified Wood Stain


  • Natural Pine

  • Cedartone

  • Light Walnut

  • Redwood

  • Driftwood Grey

Defy Wood Stain for Hardwoods/Cedar


  • Natural Pine

  • Cedartone

  • Light Walnut

Defy Original Synthetic Wood Stain


  • Clear

  • High Country Aspen

  • Sierra Silver

  • Alpine Fir

  • Sun Valley Pine

  • Colorado Gold

  • Coastal Cedar

  • Teton Bronze

  • Heritage Walnut

  • Redwood Canyon

Appearance After Initial Stain Application

The wood was given a luxurious appearance by the Defy Extreme Stain. The natural grain was brought out in equal measure throughout. In contrast to other water-based wood stains, the Defy Extreme did not cover up the wood's natural grain. The stain did a fantastic job of penetrating the wood's grain and pores. The Cedar Tone color was appropriate for use as a cedar deck stain, despite having a hue that was slightly on the "orange" side.

Preventing UV Greying at 2 Year Mark

Considered to be among the very best in the sector. In tests conducted over a period of two years, there was very little to no color fading. The zinc oxide nanoparticles appeared to be of significant assistance in combating the ultra violet radiation that was responsible for the greying of the wood.

Wear/Tear and Peeling

Superior to the normal amount of wear and tear. A few signs of wear can be seen in high-traffic areas, but the building as a whole tested exceedingly well. There is no peeling that can be seen.

Cost Per Square Foot

The price of Defy Extreme is approximately $40 per gallon. We were able to cover around 100 square feet per gallon with two coats. For the deck that was 750 square feet, we needed eight gallons of stain, which resulted in a price of forty-three cents for each square foot.

Preventing Mold/Mildew/Algae

Defy Extreme Stain is a stain that is water-based and does not support the formation of mold within the stain itself. It was possible to make out a very minute quantity of algae, but this was only visible in a partially shadowed location, and it was on top of the stain. It seems that the location of the decks is more of a problem than the stain itself.

Ease of Application

It is not too difficult to use. One of the problems that we found was that it may dry out extremely quickly when exposed to direct sunshine on a day when the temperature was high. The cleanup can be done with water easily.

Color Shifting (darkening) after 2 Years

After a period of two years, there was not much of a difference in the color of the stain. There is no discernible dimming.

Difficulty of Reapplication

Because it does not cause any obvious darkening, penetrates deeply, and wears off very little, Defy Extreme Stain is an easy product to reapply whenever it is required to do so. To prepare the wood, you will need to apply the Defy Wood Cleaner and Defy Wood Brightener products, which provide a gentle cleaning action.

Overall Score Defy Extreme Stain at 2 Year Period

Defy Extreme is a superior product that outperforms the vast majority of stains now available on the market by a wide margin. Defy Extreme is our top pick for "Eco-Friendly" stains that are water-based and may be used on a variety of surfaces. When it comes to avoiding UV greying on a horizontal surface, Defy Extreme's performance ranked in the top three among all of the stains that were evaluated. The Extreme did not produce any color change when applied to vertical surfaces like railings.

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