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4 Ways to Use your Deck in the Winter

You are not the only one if you are a little confused about how you can use your deck on cold days. For an outdoor space with a minimum amount of cover, you would be surprised to know that your deck can be used even in the winters with a few tweaks and additions to your deck design. No need to abandon your deck till the warmer months.

Add heaters to your deck

Heaters are very safe for use on your deck however you would need to find the right type of heater for your deck. For instance, patio heaters, fire pits, and portable fireplaces have become quite popular and each of them provides a very unique type of heat to your outdoor space.

It has become one of the most popular ways to actually prepare for your deck in winter. A heating element does not only keep your space warm but also creates an interesting focal point for your deck all year round by quite literally emitting some form of light and ambiance in the winter seasons when they are turned on.

But the question arises of what outdoor heater should be used to heat your deck in winters. This depends on a varying number of factors from one being functionality, the space of your deck, the pricing but also whether they serve a cosmetic function and how easily can they be installed on your deck i.e. if there need to be any alterations to the existing deck. For example wooden deck tiles are very combustible and therefore fire pits are not suited for this purpose. However gas-fueled fire pits can be used. It is safest to use stone deck tiles since these are not combustible and can handle the weather much better.

Enclose your Deck for Winters

The process of enclosing a deck for the winter is rather straightforward since there are a variety of options, including patio covers, vinyl covers, and canopies. Choosing the right deck enclosures for winter can create an inviting and protective environment while delivering on style and utility.

Additionally to protect your deck from the elements, deck enclosures can also trap the heat emitted by heaters, improving their efficiency by keeping your deck comfortable.

However, these decks might be limited in functionality as these have a different ambiance and feel as if it's only a part of the house rather than being a distinctive personality or character on their own as in a more well-defined destination around the house is not created this way.

Invest in a Hot Tub

The hot tub is usually regarded as the ultimate accessory when it comes to winter decks. There is no better answer to how to use your deck than installing a hot tub to it and that is for good reason. Even when it's freezing outside you can enjoy a warm bubbling hot bath which would make your winter deck one of your favorite places to be. This quite literally gives the feel that you would have when visiting a public geyser or sauna in Nordic Countries.

While it is a great addition there are a few logistical hurdles that need to be considered. First, you have to see whether you can fit in a hot tub in your existing deck space as it takes a healthy amount of space. You might even need to extend your deck to make some space for a hot tub. Secondly, your deck tiling needs to be resistant to water. Installing a hot tub in stone deck tiles would make a lot of sense as water splashing around would make it a nightmare to be controlled. Thirdly, you need to consider how you will get water in and out of the hot tub and how you will provide power to your hot tub to activate the hot tub.

Protect your deck and Yourself.

Wood however great of an insulator it is is frankly very terrible when it comes to extremely cold or even extremely hot temperatures. Wood is not suited to prolong freezing temperatures as a snowy chilly night can cause your deck to warp and crack entirely. And the smooth surface of a deck is quite hazardous under the wrong circumstances.

You can use salt to remove ice and to make your deck safe from slipping hazards. Another way is to use grip slip tape but be sure to check in whether your decking material is suited to these or not.

You should consider deck resurfacing entirely in stone as it is best suited for these harsh temperatures. You need not worry about stone weathering cracking or warping and these can be cleaned and maintained very easily.

Tanzanite stone decks are a great choice when it comes to resurfacing your deck with stone as it is available in a very wide variety of colors but not only that it is very easy to install and maintain in any weather conditions. Gone is the worry of your stone deck being the plaid gray color, you can have your own choices of colors anywhere and anytime.

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