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10 Best Plants for your Deck

In your own imagination, when you think of your ideal deck design, what feature comprises it and makes it “ideal”. Does it have to be soothing? Minimalistic? Cheerful and Bright? Considering, that you will be spending a fair amount of time on a deck or a patio, why not just cultivate your own outdoor getaway? And when the right deck plants are paired with the proper outdoor living ideas, the results that you produce can be magical.

Whatever might be the vibe that you are going for, be it personal and cozy or creating a vibrant oasis, there is a wide range of plants and flowers there for you. It’s all a matter of what are the options available and how you will be taking care of the foliage so that your deck can be more inviting. Your choice of plants can even compliment your decking and bring out a different vibe

What Plants to Choose for your Deck

Picking the right plants for your particular circumstances would require you to consider a certain number of very important factors, the first of which will be practical and botanical questions regarding the plant's survivability and tolerance to certain weather.

Choosing plants that are in line with the USDA hardiness zone where you reside would make these issues much simpler, but definitely not foolproof. Some plants would require much more persistent shade whereas others would need direct sunlight. Some are drought resistant, whereas others require a lot of care and would die at the first sign of neglect.

Another factor to consider is the utility that these would serve. Are you trying to create some privacy or are you trying to grow your own food? Do you live in a region where insects are real problems and you want to repel them or do you just want something nice and vibrant to look at that would brighten your deck but also your entire household? You should consider all of these questions and make a choice about what type of plants you want. ‘

10 Best Patio Plants

Plant life is so incredibly diverse, having millions of different species and variants of a plant. Every plant has a different time it takes for it to bloom. You will always find a plant that would suit your needs and conditions best.

1- Caladium

Its leaves are shaped like hearts, enough said.

Caladium has a combination of lush, heart-shaped leaves with bring pink and red hues, it’s not hard at all to see why caladium is among the best plants for your patio. It serves as a great option for someone who is looking for annuals. One thing to note though, this species requires a humid environment and a semi-shaded area; so they are not necessarily the best option for an arid setting.

2- Begonia

Providing large and bright blooms, begonias are a classic option that is loved by gardeners around the world. This species will bloom without the need for any trimming of older buds as the season goes on. This means less cleanup and looking after the plants. Begonias should be put in semi-shade areas unless it is one of the very specific species of begonia, so pay attention to the plant tags for any variants that you may consider.

3- Lavender

If it is in the right environment lavender is capable of supplying more than a few thrilling patio flower ideas. The blooms on lavender aren't as large as any other flowers like begonias, although it retains its coloration quite well and blooms consistently throughout summer and spring. Lavender is a great plant that delivers high contrast plants that deliver the most identifiable and flowery scents, making it great for placing near a seating area. But keep in mind that it prefers direct sunlight and is somewhat vulnerable to overwatering another added bonus would be that lavender may potentially help repel mosquitoes. Lavender can really compliment the matt appearance of your stone deck tiles.

4- Croton

Croton is one of the most common houseplants but they can also work well for many different patio plant ideas. They have leaves that look like a rainbow and this creates visual interest without even flowering. Indoors, crotons tend to stay usually at moderate sizes but with full sun exposure, they will grow to be large and bushy, just ensure that their soil has good drainage and the rest should fall directly into place.

5- Hydrangea

One of the easiest to cultivate and tough plants there is. These can be tolerant in any soil and are eager to create countless pastel blooms, hydrangea is very clearly people pleaser. Blooming shrubs like hydrangea are very exotic and beautiful in the first half of the summer but persist quite well until they encounter completely freezing weather. Most Hydrangea would need direct sunlight to flower, but prefer shade in a warmer climate, making them one of the best deck flowers for temperate areas.

6- Coleus

For deck plants that work well all year round, coleus might be one of your better options. They provide an exceptionally wide array of leaf coloring, from brighter pinks to darker purple hues, they are also incredibly easy to grow. Provided you don't have to worry about freezing temperature. These plants can ensure their soil remains the most and offer full sun or partial shade, coleus can be a beautiful addition to almost any patio.

7- New Guinea Impatiens

Even when we compare these to other patio plants, the bright blooms of a new guinea impatiens stand out from the rest with its wealth of tropical colors. They are very festive and have matching color sets to choose from between them, Additionally, this specie cannot tolerate drought.

8- Succulents

Low maintenance and with an extraterrestrial aesthetic. These plants can tolerate droughts easily, the thicker their leaves. With many subspecies, some might even survive in the dark with the need for sunlight every few weeks. They prefer well-draining soil and direct sunlight but would much rather be in partial shade.

9- Lobelia

These most commonly found in three different shades: White, blue, purple. Lobelia is an annual that prefers a nicely shaded area such as a patio. The blooms can endure the harshest of weather but it does require some pruning in between seasons.

10- Million Bells Some flowers make a much smaller number of blooms while others make a larger number of blooms. Million bells are the prolific type and they are ideal for blanketing an area in color. Additionally, they would not require particularly deep soil, making them ideal for deck railing garden boxes or hanging baskets just be aware that they do not handle dry climates or partial shades well.

Plants add a different variety to your outdoor living ideas. Make sure whatever plant you choose, you take care of it well as these are again living beings.

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