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Five different colors to choose from

A stonedecking using fascia boards in aged teak color.

Aged Teak

Fascia Board in aged teak color
A stonedecking using fascia boards in american walnut color.

American Walnut

Fascia Board in american walnut color
A stonedecking using fascia boards in driftwood color.


Fascia Board in driftwood color
A stonedecking using fascia boards in silver maple color.

Silver Maple

Fascia Board in silver maple color
A stonedecking using fascia boards in white ash color.

White Ash

Fascia Board in white ash color

The Appalachian deck fascia system is installed on the vertical sides of your deck, or steps. It can be installed to just cover the joists, or extend to the ground.

Installation with Edge Board

Installation without Edge Board

Fascia board installed using a high-rise clip
Fascia board installed using single fascia clips

Deck surface

This clip is used to secure the top and bottom of the Fascia boards. Can be used in place of the Double Fascia Clip. (this clip is the same as the Starter Clip)

Single Fascia Clip

Deck surface

These are used on the vertical sides of the deck, or stairs. The very top board is secured using either the High-rise Clip or the Single Fascia Clip. The very bottom board is held using the Single Fascia Clip. If you have more than a single row, use the Double Facia Clip between each.

Fascia Boards

Fascia Board

This clip is used to hold the fascia above the level of the rim joist. This allows the fascia board to be mounted, even with the top of the deck surface, hiding the sides of the surface boards.

High-Rise Clip

Fascia board installed using double fascia clips

Single Fascia Clip

This clip is used between each of the Facia Boards. It holds both the bottom of one, then the top of the next Fascia Board.

Double Fascia Clip

Single Fascia Clip

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Sample Kit

Our Rain Through System

The kit includes small pieces of all five colors, shipping included for only $20.

Appalachian Collection Sample kit in five different colors
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