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There's wood & composite, then there's Tanzite.

A low-maintenance deck that is flexible, lightweight & made for the harsh outdoors. Now introducing our new clip-down collection, the Appalachian Series. 

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Beautiful outdoor space made with Tanzite Stonedecks.

Why Tanzite?


Tanzite is a stone product (Not composite or pvc!) so it naturally doesn’t scratch, fade, get slippery, nor heat up like other decking options. That’s why we can back it up with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Easy Install

Tanzite stone is light enough and designed to simply install over any typical wood deck structure. Since stone doesn’t expand like composite your cuts stay perfect!

Beautiful Finishes

The durability of stone allows for detailed designs, with amazing highlights and lowlights creating a hyper-realistic natural beauty.

Environment Impact

Tanzite Stone doesn’t cut down trees nor does it use plastics of any kind. It’s one of the most sustainable types of decking possible. It’s longevity, due to durability, create one of the lowest environmental impacts of any decking option.

Explore Our Decking Collections


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Rainier Collection is a free floating waterproof system that is installed over a subfloor

Appalachian Collection is a rain-through system that is installed like composite decking with hidden fasteners

$4,145.65 (USD)

$5,915.59 (USD)

$1,921.70 (USD)

$2,913.12 (USD)

Appalachian Collection Deck measurement image 1
Rainier Collection Deck measurement image 1


Appalachian Collection Deck measurement image 2
Rainier Collection Deck measurement image 2


Appalachian Collection Deck measurement image 3

$8,174.15 (USD)


Rainier Collection Deck measurement image 3

$10,124.72 (USD)

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Appalachian Stonedecks in aged teak color
Appalachian Stondecks in driftwood color
Appalachian Stonedecks in american walnut color
Rainier Stonedecks in black granite color
Rainier Stonedecks in sierra gray color
Rainier Stonedecks in cinnamon brown color
Rainier Stonedecks in carrara marble color
Appalachian Stonedecks in white ash color
Appalachian Stonedecks in silver maple color
Rainier Stonedecks in walnut color
Rainier Stonedecks in aged cedar color
Rainier Stonedecks in white oak color
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Appalachian Collection installs directly over the deck joists, using hidden fasteners to hold it in place.

Lay plywood over the deck joists, then our one-piece waterproof membrane over the plywood, and finish by installing the Tanzite directly over the membrane.

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Deck Design Gallery

Explore photos of Tanzite Decks to spark your creativity for your own project.

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Request Meeting with a Designer

Schedule a video call now and our deck designer will share their screen so you can see them build your project virtually. During the meeting they will answer any questions you may have, and visually show how your project will look when completed. At the end, they will send you an itemized materials quote which you can simply Click to Order!

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Schedule a Meeting with a Carpenter

To make sure your project goes smoothly we offer a free call with a carpenter who has built many Tanzite projects and can answer even the most technical questions you may have about yours. You can even make it a video call so that you can show the carpenter what you are working with.


Learn why these homeowners and builders chose a Tanzite STONEDECK

"I did it all by myself and was quite easy to install. People would walk by and stop to see the product (I told them about your site). Everyone has commented on how beautiful it looks now. So that is why I'm sending you these pictures and comments. Thanks again!"

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What's Better Than Lifetime Warranty?

Tanzite STONEDECKS are made of natural stones, and what can you really do to stone, which is why we warranty it for life.

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