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Care & Cleaning

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Care & Cleaning

  • Tanzite STONEDECKS can be cleaned with soap & water.


  • For a deeper clean, use a heavy-duty granite and natural stone cleaner or the deck cleaner by Spray & Forget.

  • To clean grease such as BBQ grease, use a degreaser; even a heavy-duty engine degreaser is safe to use. 

  • To get rid of haze, use standard tile haze remover. 


  • To remove paint, use paint thinner.

  • Tanzite STONEDECKS can even be scrubbed with a wire brush without damaging your deck! Not too many companies can say that about their products.

Note: Tanzite STONEDECK's non-slip properties can take a bit more effort to clean. If you experience any issues cleaning your deck, please send us information and a picture to, and we will give you specific advice.

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Stone Makes the Best Deck

Why Choose Tanzite STONEDECK

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Tanzite STONEDECK vs. Wood Decking


Tanzite STONEDECK vs. Composite Decking


Tanzite STONEDECK vs. Vinyl Decking

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